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Improve psychological health and safety in your workplace. Support employee success when mental health is a factor.



Asking Why for Understanding
While we don’t often like hearing “No” in response to a request, it can be just as difficult to be the one turning someone down.
Clear Leadership and Expectations contributes to positive morale and trust among leaders and their employees. Create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace using these tips from the National Standard.
The working parent time crunch
How you think about time is as important as how you manage it.


Workplace Wellness Program Ideas

Many organizations provide free and credible resources to help you plan workplace wellness activities. We have highlighted some of them here to help you develop and deliver a cost-effective program for your employees.

Themes and Ideas

Team Building

Use this activity to build your team’s resilience. Ask staff to share how they got through stressful events in their past. Use these ideas to create new strategies.
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Break Activity

Take this opportunity to think about the positive qualities of those you work with. Share those things with your co-workers. Giving and receiving recognition can lower stress and gives a boost to well-being
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Latest News
  • Workplace Strategies for Mental Health recognizes that eating disorders can affect almost 1 in 10 people during their lifetime. This article provides more information and insights about eating disorders. For more information or how to get support, visit this website.

  • The Psychology Foundation of Canada, with support from Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, launched their new resource called 24/7: The Working Parent.  Check out their new resource.

  • Just before Mental Health Awareness Week, we reached out to you for input so we can address some of the most common mental health challenges in the workplace. Thank you to those who responded! You provided some great themes for us to work with in future communications. In the meantime, this week may be a good time to re-familiarize yourself with the tools and resources already available related to managing stress and preventing burnout. This article and a new webinar have some helpful strategies. Take care of your mental health.

  • Today, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life announced they are coming together under one brand, the new Canada Life.

    What this means for the Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace and the Workplace Strategies for Mental Health website

    The financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians has always been a key driver for the family of companies, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life. This hasn’t changed.

    We, the Centre for Mental Health, will continue to be a catalyst and innovator in workplace mental health, to develop new resources and to make them available for free to anyone.

    Thank you for your ongoing collaboration and use of the tools and resources that help support psychologically healthy and safe workplaces. If you want to know more about what the new Canada Life brand is all about, visit\welcome.

  •  The Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment website has been moved to a new home with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

    To complete a new assessment, please create a new account at