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Psychological health and safety in the workplace is an issue of growing concern for employers across the country. A number of initiatives and events focus attention on mental health issues and explore strategies to improve psychological health and safety as well as the productivity of those experiencing mental health issues at work. Some of these are listed below.

How to Achieve Greater Success and Impact Through Integration of Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace presented by Hale Health and Safety Solutions Ltd.

Event Date From: 3/30/2017

Event Date To: 3/30/2017

Contact Name: Elizabeth Rankin-Horvath

Contact Email:

Event Phone: 416-277-8816

Event Address/Location: Toronto Airport Corporate Centre 2425 Matheson Blvd. E 8'th floor

City: Mississauga

Event Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Who Should Attend:

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Join us for an engaging and interactive one-day workshop that will help you improve your impact on results by integrating psychological health and safety management principles into business processes. Participants will work through exercises designed to help them: • Understand the difference between mental health, mental harm and mental illness and how they impact business results in their organization; • Clarify the metrics for measuring impact of mental health on their organization's key business indicators; • Establish an initial engagement plan that will build trust and address fears and concerns • Identify resources for successful integration of psychological health and safety throughout key business processes; • Define the roles and responsibilities of workplace parties for psychological health and safety; • Define the JHSC or HSRs role in addressing health and safety matters that involve mental health; • Develop an initial competency plan for font-line managers to improve their skills and confidence in managing work in a psychologically healthy and safe manner

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