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Can we help you find something? Find out more


Psychological health and safety in the workplace is an issue of growing concern for employers across the country. A number of initiatives and events focus attention on mental health issues and explore strategies to improve psychological health and safety as well as the productivity of those experiencing mental health issues at work. Some of these are listed below.

Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Event Date From: 2/25/2019

Event Date To: 2/25/2019

Contact Name: Sarah Jenner

Contact Email:

Event Phone: 905-689-5551

Event Address/Location: Note: Additional dates and locations across Canada are available. 330 University Avenue

City: Toronto

Event Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Who Should Attend: Leaders and aspiring people leaders in organizations and unions

Link to event

Presented by Mindful Employer Canada: Engaging employees in a supportive, solution-focused conversation about their work, without preconceived judgment, is the sign of a Mindful Leader. It allows the employee to consider accessing the help they may need without feeling weak or defensive. Increase both your own comfort level and your effectiveness with this module. This is part of a 6 module program towards earning the elite certification of Mindful Leader. Pre-Requisite - Foundations of Mindful Leadership - Time: 8:30 am to 5 pm

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