Going to work is a large part of most of our lives. There may be times when the work processes are stressful. This could include anything from complex changes to new management to tight deadlines. There are many practical strategies we can use to cope with this stress. But what happens when it is your boss who is stressing you out?

My Boss is Stressing Me Out provides several approaches to take if your boss is, among other things, high strung, micromanaging, or dramatic.

Let’s start with the kindest approach, but in the article mentioned, there are other strategies if this does not work. When your boss’s personality or management style has changed for the worse, you may want to gently address it. Rather than pointing out the negative, frame your question with concern: “You don’t seem yourself lately. Is everything okay?” It is important to remember that your boss may also be experiencing higher than normal levels of stress at home or work and doing their best to cope.

When the boss is stressing us out, they often don’t know they are doing it and may believe our reactions are related solely to our own stressors. One approach that is recommended in My Boss is Stressing Me Out is described in a video on the page. The approach is called “coaching up” where you “coach” your boss to behave differently with you. The more specific and work related we can be in our request for different behaviours, the more likely the boss will be willing and able to do it.

After sharing many different types of approaches to help you create a better working relationship with your boss, the article ends with the important message of taking care of yourself. Working it out can be empowering and liberating for you. But if that is not possible, taking care of yourself can even include finding another job. No job is more important than your well-being.