In today's workplace, change is not only inevitable, it is often a constant. Yet, many of us are resistant to or fearful of change. Neither resistance or fear will stop change from happening, no matter how much we may wish otherwise. The only thing most of us have control over is how we will react to the changes that we need to accept.

When we are attached to something, whether it is our current job, the outcome of relationship, or anything else, we can be disappointed when it changes. If you are resistant to change, it may be helpful to ask why. Is it because of fear of the unknown, worry that you will never be as happy in a different situation, because you are losing something you loved or discomfort in having to learn a new approach? Once you can honestly explore what is causing you to resist something that is happening anyway, you can choose how you want to alter your response to the change.

Being stressed or anxious about change may be just a part of life, but knowing why you are afraid can allow you to explore alternative, healthier responses. One approach is to make a list of potentially positive aspects of the change. Another is to talk to a colleague or friend who may have experienced something similar and can help you gain perspective, as well healthier coping strategies.

For those in leadership roles, Helping Employees Manage Change has suggestions for dealing with the impact of change, strategies for support and accommodation, and how to address job insecurity.