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Can we help you find something? Find out more

How did Canada become the first country in the world to have a national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace? The free book, The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada – Toward a standard for psychological health and safety, helps answer this question, outlining how we moved beyond the idea that mental health was exclusively an individual’s responsibility toward recognition that the way work environments are managed matters. The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, launched in 2013, was the result of this evolution in thinking. The Standard provides guidelines for employers to protect and promote employee well-being without sacrificing organizational success.

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Strategy Advisor, Organizational Health Initiatives, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services
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Former President and COO (Retired), Great-West Life
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most of us would like to find better ways to manage the stress in our lives our bodies and brains are designed to respond effectively to a certain amount of stress but while some stress can be a positive motivator of action it needs to be managed before it begins to cloud our thinking or negatively impact our health and lives
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on days when deadlines loom your stress is high people are counting on you and you are struggling to keep up you may feel like the last thing you have time for is a break however these are the very days when you would be doing everyone including yourself a favour by taking one
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when bullying leaves the playground for the workplace bullying doesn't just happen on the playground the damage inflicted by bullying can be just as serious in the workplace
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Time to celebrate it's the 5th anniversary of the standard on January 13 2013 5 years ago the National Standard of Canada for psychological health and safety in the workplace the standard was launched there are many reasons to celebrate the standard and to make this the year to begin implementation or continue to support it in your organization.