More about the 10th Anniversary

Looking back at how organizations address mental health issues in Canadian workplaces over the past decade and beyond has been the focus of research by Dr. Joti Samra and her team. The results of that work and other news will be available by subscribing to the Centre email newsletter.

Dr. Samra’s study looks at the evolution of workplace mental health from a number of angles:

  • Legal and regulatory changes, which changed the way bullying was addressed in B.C., and the way psychological harassment was addressed in Quebec.
  • Political changes such as government support for development of the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
  • Changes to management strategy, including the way employees with mental health concerns are identified and supported.
  • Media coverage and the language used in stories related to mental illness and mental health.
  • Stigma reduction through programs like Bell Let’s Talk as well as through celebrities and everyday people who speak out about their lived experience with mental illness.
  • The addition of courses related to psychological health and safety in post-secondary institutions.

The research includes a literature search, a review of historical documents, interviews with key informants and a national survey supported in part by the Human Resources Professionals Association. Dr. Samra provides us not only with the facts, but also with her analysis of how and why the trends happened as they did. Her study is also the foundation for a book, The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada, being released in September 2017. This book will share both the stories of those who contributed to the evolution of workplace mental health in Canada and the statistics and information provided by the study.

As we look forward to the next 10 years in advancing workplace mental health, it is valuable to look at what we have accomplished so far. This report will help inform all stakeholders as well as those from around the world who are curious about why Canada is a global leader in workplace mental health.

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