More about the 10th Anniversary

Many not-for-profits have helped to raise awareness of workplace mental health as a worthy cause. Their main mandate may be building the capacity of those who manage, support or lead employees. It may be mental health for all Canadians. It may be turning knowledge about workplace mental health into action.

Whatever their primary objective is, there are many passionate individuals within not-for-profit organizations who have worked long and hard to develop resources and provide services that have made an enormous contribution to advancing workplace mental health in Canada. Their influence has even had an impact around the world as other countries look to these organizations for guidance and support.

Some of these organizations include the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Partners for Mental Health, Mindful Employer Canada, the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace and the Mood Disorders Society of Canada. They are helping to put workplace mental health on the agenda for their members and audiences across Canada.

While these organizations may be in competition for limited resources and funding, the collaboration, encouragement and support that leaders from each of these organizations provide to the others helps everyone to serve employers and employees in workplaces across Canada.

These collaborations underline the fact that workplace mental health is not just a business issue. It is a societal issue that concerns a large portion of the population. The journey to advance workplace mental health is still relatively new. With dedicated individuals and organizations such as these, we are confident that this movement will continue to move forward.

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