More about the 10th Anniversary

Many of those who have been along for the journey over the past decade have weighed in with their perspectives about the evolution of workplace mental health in Canada.

Some of their insights are featured in a new book, The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada, being published by the Centre. The book will be released as a free download after September 21, 2017.

We offer our sincere thanks to the pioneers and advocates for their commitment and passion. They have all helped inform this story.

"Millennials expect that workplaces are going to manage psychological health and safety, but they get into the workplace with existing managers and the culture is not always there." Jeanne Bank, semi-retired from CSA Group; currently working with Canadian Home Care Association

"The biggest single change over this era has been to look at the workplace not just as a venue for helping people with their mental health issues but as one that influences mental health in its own right by virtue of how work is organized and people are managed." Dr. Martin Shain, Founder, Neighbour at Work Centre®

"You’re not always going to hit a grand slam, but if you keeping knocking out those singles, eventually you’re going to win the game."
Dave Johnston, former President and Chief Operating Officer, Great-West Life, on the journey toward improving workplace mental health in Canada

"Mental health in the workplace is not built on a business case, it’s built on a passion for your people," said Johnston. "It may be challenging for executives to invest in mental health when they do not see an explicit return. However, if they can see the positive impact good workplace mental health has, not just on productivity, but on the individuals themselves, it becomes much easier, and in some cases compelling, to make that investment."

"When it comes to mental work, people don’t realize the brain is like a muscle. It gets tired."
Dr. David Posen, family physician, stress-counsellor, author

"We have to look at how we engage employees in the day to day operations of their workplaces and that they’re not just a number on the assembly line."
Sari Sairanen, National Health and Safety Director, Unifor Canada

"The National Standard sets the bar for workplaces and is a world first. Who would have thought we would have been evolving this fast over the last ten years?"
François Legault, involved in workplace mental health for over 30 years

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