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The findings of two research studies, commissioned by the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace (the Centre) and released earlier this year, provide clear evidence that the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (the Standard) is making a significant difference in organizations at various stages of its adoption.

Infographic Cut In Half
5,000 working Canadians participated in a survey by Ipsos Public Affairs. It found that respondents who say their workplace is psychologically unhealthy or unsafe (10%) has been cut in half, down from 20% in 2009.
Inforgraphic National Standards
Additionally in organizations that are implementing the Standard, the survey found that only 5% of employees say their workplace is psychologically unhealthy or unsafe vs. 13% in organizations that are not implementing the Standard.

Employees in organizations implementing the Standard who are or have experienced depression miss less time (7.4 days per year) from work than employees with depression (12.5 days) in organizations that are not.

Dr. Joti Samra, who authored the Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada Research Report: 2007 to 2017 (Evolution Research Report) said, “Results show that there has been a dramatic and positive shift in how employers perceive and respond to workplace mental health issues, especially among those organizations applying the Standard.”

The Evolution Research Report shows that 77% of working Canadians indicated attitudes toward workplace mental health issues are better than they were ten years ago.

Furthermore, those who have spoken out publicly about their struggles appear to have positively influenced how media covers the issues.

workplace attitude Infographic
workplace attitude Infographic

While there are many employers who have yet to take significant action towards ensuring a psychologically healthy and safe workplace, the good news is there is evidence of the value of implementing the Standard. This value is beneficial for both employers and their employees and the research shows that it makes good business sense.

Watch the 10th Anniversary videos to hear more stories of the benefits of addressing the issues and support for the work of the Centre and others who are making a difference.