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Improve psychological health and safety in your workplace. Support employee success when mental health is a factor.



Keeping Well
Our mental and emotional wellbeing can be tested at any time.
Psychological Protection exists in a workplace where you feel safe sharing ideas or asking questions, without being afraid of negative consequences. Create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace using these tips from the National Standard.
The working parent time crunch
When we don’t rest, we are at risk for depression and anxiety, everyday stress and, as we age, cognitive problems.


Workplace Wellness Program Ideas

Many organizations provide free and credible resources to help you plan workplace wellness activities. We have highlighted some of them here to help you develop and deliver a cost-effective program for your employees.

Themes and Ideas

Team Building

Expressing Emotions Constructively can improve how we respond to each other in the workplace, especially during times of stress.
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Break Activity

Call a Friend when you need an objective perspective to help deal with a challenge that has you feeling stressed.
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Latest News
  • The Psychology Foundation of Canada, with support from Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, launched their new resource called 24/7: The Working Parent.  Check out their new resource.

  • In 2009 we launched the video series of people sharing their experiences of mental illness at work, off work and returning to work. This Fall, we will revisit many of the original participants as well as some great additions. Check back with us on World Mental Health Day, October 10th to view the new videos.

  • Two new resources help with the final months leading up to retirement and planning ahead to create a life of meaning after retirement. Retirement and the Retiree Interview Form help capture the knowledge and expertise that may be lost when employees retire from your organization. Taking these steps can also help employees retire with a greater sense of pride and accomplishment.  

    Retiring Well and the Questionnaire provide a series of questions to help proactively plan to the quality of life each individual desires in retirement. These resources are not about financial planning. They focus instead on the quality of life before and after retirement. Use them in your workplace for anyone considering retirement or share them with friends and family who can benefit.

  • Today, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life announced they are coming together under one brand, the new Canada Life.

    What this means for the Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace and the Workplace Strategies for Mental Health website

    The financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians has always been a key driver for the family of companies, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life. This hasn’t changed.

    We, the Centre for Mental Health, will continue to be a catalyst and innovator in workplace mental health, to develop new resources and to make them available for free to anyone.

    Thank you for your ongoing collaboration and use of the tools and resources that help support psychologically healthy and safe workplaces. If you want to know more about what the new Canada Life brand is all about, visit\welcome.