The information included here provides some tools and resources to help employees with family and friends.

Credible information and resources about managing your own health and wellness and helping others.

At some point many of us will become a caregiver for a loved one. When we are also juggling multiple responsibilities related to families, work, and community, this may cause significant stress. Some of us were fortunate to have friends and colleagues who helped us out with tips and strategies that made it easier to advocate for the health and well-being of our loved one. In the spirit of paying that forward, we offer Being a Health Advocate to you.

A collection of credible resources from recognized mental health organizations that provide useful information about mental health and mental illness including depression, anxiety and other conditions.

These guidelines are a general set of recommendations about how you can help someone who may be experiencing psychosis or a loss of touch with reality. Each individual is unique and it is important to tailor your support to that person's needs.

A collection of resources to help you cope with significant life stressors including divorce, finances, being a caregiver, and experiencing abuse.