The information included here provides some tools and resources to help employees with personal well-being.

This virtual wellness program includes videos to support stress reduction and deep relaxation. Led by Michael Apollo, these videos can even be viewed with a headset while sitting at a desk.

These apps are for your Windows, IOS, and Android devices and have been provided for information only. The information contained in these resources does not constitute, and should not be relied on, as professional advice.

Emotional intelligence enables us to monitor our impact on others, manage our own stress, and respond more effectively to others in the workplace.

This resource can help improve your ability to bounce back after a potential health, personal, or work crisis. It will help you identify effective strategies and resources to draw on when needed.

Links to credible organizations that provide questionnaires, information and tools to assist in self-assessment of mental health or addiction concerns. These do not provide a diagnosis, but can help you explore if further assessment would be beneficial.

Most of us would like to find better ways to manage the stress in our lives. Stress Strategies is a free online tool that uses practical, problem-solving methods to help identify and address the source of our stress.