SUMMARY: Help to facilitate an effective team discussion about addressing and improving other chronic workplace stressors identified by your employees. The intended outcome is to create a practical and cost-effective action plan that works for your team.

Other Chronic Stressors Identified by Workers should also be considered when creating a mentally healthy workplace. These other key issues include stigma and discrimination, stress, presenteeism and addiction issues.

Each of the On the Agenda discussions is focused on a specific psychosocial workplace factor as identified in the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Other Chronic Stressors Identified by Workers is a little different because it could be about any stressor unique to your work environment and not otherwise covered. In Other Chronic Stressors Identified by Employees you will find examples of sector specific issues and some evidence-based solutions.

But the most effective way of identifying stressors experienced by your own employees is asking them and engaging them in a discussion about eliminating or managing these stressors more effectively. By doing this, you not only build an action plan, you also get their involvement in developing and being part of the solution.

You can review the Overview Guide which contains information about dealing with challenges such as negativity or unrealistic expectations when facilitating this conversation. The intended outcome is to identify the workplace stressors that may be happening and engage the employees to come up with practical and cost-effective ways to manage them.

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Video (Organizational Culture)

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This video offers a brief explanation of how Other Chronic Stressors affects a workplace and strategies to improve it. This video is intended to help the facilitator learn language and hear examples prior to facilitating the team discussion.

Each of the psychosocial factors identified in Guarding Minds at Work and the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace have similar resources that can be found here.