SUMMARY: Not being able to work for any reason can be stressful but may be an even more pressing concern for those who are self-employed, independent professionals. Taking steps to protect your own well-being and having a plan if you are not able to work is an important business strategy.

Resilience and well-being

Strategies and approaches to minimize the risk for psychological harm as a result of crisis, the effects of working in isolation or mental health issues.

This resource can help improve your ability to bounce back after a potential health, personal, or work crisis. It will help you identify effective strategies and resources to draw on when needed. The self-employed are guided to think about business continuity strategies whether as a sole proprietor, independent consultant, or small business owner.

Independent professionals are a growing workforce who, by the nature of their self-employment choice, often work in isolation. While this autonomy, independence and flexibility are positive for most, it may come with challenges to physical, mental and professional well-being when not properly managed.

Health and Wellness Resources

This may be a good place to start for basic information about mental illnesses and approaches to wellness.
Approaches to Wellness
Being a Health Advocate
Depression, Anxiety and Other Conditions
Exercises for Stress Reduction & Deep Relaxation
Mental Health Apps
Self-Assessment Tools
Significant Life Stressors

A video-based resource featuring employees with mental health pressures talking about how they coped, and what they did to reclaim well-being.

Using break time to improve mental health can have a positive effect on wellness and productivity. TakeYourBreak provides a new idea each week.