SUMMARY: Complex cases involving mental illness, conflict, performance or behavioural problems require an effective strategy to address these issues. This includes developing a workplace plan that is focused on success and sustainability.
Accommodation for mental illness

Accommodation Strategies –Learn about strategies that have been successful for other employees who have experienced mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety.

Supporting Employee Success – A tool that provides a step-by-step process to help assess work-related triggers for emotional or cognitive issues and a thoughtful approach to finding accommodations that may best support work success for the employee.

Address workplace issues

Workplace Solutions – This describes a process that can help you work with the employee to identify challenges, discuss solutions and develop a plan to support a successful return to work. It can be particularly helpful when supporting employees who may be experiencing mental health concerns.

Responding to other workplace issues

What follows are credible and action-oriented guidelines to help your organization develop your responses to more challenging workplace issues.

Burnout Response
Dementia Response
Employees Who Are Caregivers
Grief Response
Harassment and Bullying
Helping Employees Manage Change
Impairment and Substance Use
Leadership Crisis Response
Mental Health First Aid
Resolving Conflict
Sector Specific Strategies
Supporting Newcomers
Supportive Performance Management
Suicide Response

For more resources to help your clients navigate the disability management system, share the information provided in Working Through ItA disability manager shares tips and strategies to help clients navigate the disability system.

Return to Work Planning

Planning for a sustainable Return to Work should begin before the employee's first day back at work and address any performance or co-worker concerns.