SUMMARY: Human Resources concerns may include accommodating employees with mental illness, improving managers' competency and supporting organizational approaches to workplace psychological health and safety. HR's role may also include responding to employee situations involving psychosis, addiction, violence, bullying, harassment, suicide, discrimination and grief in the workplace.

Accommodation and return to work

This describes a process that can help you work with the employee to identify challenges, discuss solutions and develop a plan to support success at work. It can be particularly helpful when supporting employees who may be experiencing mental concerns.

Planning for a sustainable return to work should begin before the employee's first day back at work and address any performance or co-worker concerns.

Helping your supervisors and managers to better support accommodation and return to work of employees with mental health issues can begin with your review of existing policies and processes. You can then assign free online learning and use the questions provided here to facilitate discussion.

Learn about strategies that have been successful for other employees who have experienced mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety.

A video-based resource to help employees understand and work through the disability management process. A disability manager shares tips and strategies to help employees navigate the disability system.

Change, conflict and performance

Employees experiencing mental health challenges may have difficulty maintaining positive co-worker relationships. An effective response by the supervisor can help to resolve conflict and support a psychologically safe workplace.

This video-based, online resource can be assigned to your managers. You can use the Leaders' Guide to help create a shared understanding of how you want these issues addressed in your workplace and to support manager development.

Video examples demonstrate approaches that may be helpful for:
Managing Emotions
Managing Accommodation
Managing Performance
Managing Conflict
Managing Return to Work

This resource found within Managing Mental Health Matters provides information related to behavioural and technical competencies of managers as well as interviewing questions and performance management tools.

Check out other resources in the Free Training and Tools section that can help you provide management training, increase mental health awareness, and assess and address psychological health and safety.

Any organizational change may have an unsettling impact on employees with mental health issues. The right support can allow for a manageable adjustment and sustaining of productivity.

Supportive Performance Management allows an employee to stay productive even at times of emotional distress. Managers who do not have this skill set may require information and resources to help them develop this competency.

Psychological health and safety

The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace indicates that human resources professionals have a role to play in promoting psychological health and preventing risks to psychological safety. The following resources can help you in this area.

A framework for workplace psychological health and safety that aligns with the Standard.

Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen

Vice President, Marketing, Membership and Professional Development, Human Resources Professional Association

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Chris Larsen speaks directly to HR professionals: "In order for companies to be successful, in order for their employees to be productive and happy, in order to retain people, to attract people, we need to be able to manage mental health as well as you manage anything else in the workplace.”