SUMMARY: Tools and resources to assist Occupational health professionals in supporting employees through the accommodation process, respond to critical incidents at work and help the organization address psychological health and safety.

Accommodation and return to work

This describes a process that can help you work with the employee to identify challenges, discuss solutions and develop a plan to support success at work. It is particularly helpful when supporting employees who may be experiencing mental health concerns.
Identifying the Issues
Developing a Workplace Plan

Planning for a sustainable return to work should begin before the employee's first day back at work and address any performance or co-worker concerns.
Supporting Return to Work Success
Union Support

Learn about strategies that have been successful for other employees who have experienced mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety.
The Duty to Accommodate
Accommodation Strategies
Union Support
Supporting Employee Success - A Tool to Plan Accommodations

A video-based resource to help employees understand and work through the disability management process. A disability manager shares tips and strategies to help employees navigate the disability system.

Promote psychological health and safety

The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace indicates that occupational health professionals have a role to play in promoting psychological health and preventing risks to psychological safety. The following resources can help you in this area.

A framework for workplace psychological health and safety that aligns with the National Standard.

Mental health and wellness

Free and credible resources are provided to help plan cost-effective workplace wellness activities.

Linda Brogden

Linda Brogden

Vice President, Marketing, Membership and Professional Development, Human Resources Professional Association

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RN, Occupational Health and Safety, University of Waterloo, said of psychological health and safety in the workplace: “It's top down, bottom up. We all need help and we all need to support one another.”