SUMMARY: A free, downloadable workbook to strengthen leadership skills and build team resilience.

The team-building activities provided in the Building Stronger Teams - Supporting Effective Team Leaders workbook were developed by experts from across Canada. The activities can help teams respond more effectively to stressors, resolve issues, and support each other through challenging times.

The workbook is free for download. You can print the relevant pages as you need them or the entire book all at once.

Download Building Stronger Teams book

Supporting Effective Team Leaders

Many of us are put into leadership roles without having any training on how to actually lead. There can be an emotional cost to leadership that can impact our mental health as well as the mental health of those we lead, manage, and support. Higher levels of emotional intelligence can help reduce our own stress while positively impacting the effectiveness of our teams. Teams are successful when the competence and confidence of each member is supported. Self-awareness and good communication skills are the hallmarks of effective leaders. All of these skills are related to emotional intelligence and resilience. The first section of this book, Supporting Effective Team Leaders, can help you develop these skills.

As a leader, you can choose to work through the book from beginning to end as a comprehensive approach to building team resilience, or you can pick and choose from the activities provided and use those that are the best fit for you and your team.

Building Stronger Teams

The second section, Building Stronger Teams, provides practical activities for developing your team's ability to problem solve, be objective and work well together. The activities focus on common workplace issues that you can customize for your unique situation to help build resilience for yourself and your team.