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Workplace Wellness Program Ideas

Many organizations provide free and credible resources to help you plan workplace wellness activities. We have highlighted some of them here to help you develop and deliver a cost-effective program for your employees.

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Themes and Ideas

This Australian resource has many ideas for celebrating this day including an expo that features equipment to help those with disabilities do their job, having a guest speaker, or hosting an inclusive sporting event. Another idea is to ask each department or team to do an audit of their workspace to determine what might make it more accessible for those with disabilities. Encourage them to consider all disabilities including mobility, vision, hearing, mental, and learning disabilities.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948 and has evolved. This 6-minute YouTube video can help raise awareness about this event. You could also use the Amnesty International Pub Quiz to increase knowledge about human rights.

Self-talk can boost productivity, motivation and confidence. Use self-talk to get through your work day and help regulate your emotions.

Encourage employees to take a few moments to reduce stress by focusing on the good.