SUMMARY: Resources, including a facilitator guide, participant handout and slides to help you facilitate an effective team discussion about addressing and improving balance in your workplace. The intended outcome is to create a practical and cost-effective action plan that works for your team.

Balance is a work environment where there is recognition of the need for employees to be able to manage the demands of work, family and personal life.

These statements make up the balance factor in Guarding Minds at Work:

  1. My employer encourages me to take my entitled breaks (e.g., lunchtime, sick time, vacation time, earned days off, parental leave).
  2. I am able to reasonably balance the demands of work and personal life.
  3. My employer promotes work-life balance.
  4. I can talk to my supervisor when I am having trouble maintaining work-life balance.
  5. I feel supported in my workplace when I am dealing with personal or family issues.
  6. My employer has programs or policies to prevent worker burnout.

Engage your entire team in reviewing the factors that impact psychological health and safety in your workplace. This is the approach recommended by the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. By doing this, you build awareness of the responsibility of each employee to contribute to a positive workplace culture. You also get their involvement in developing and being part of the solution.

Facilitator guide

Work Life Balance

Download this facilitator guide to help you lead a team discussion about addressing balance.

Presentation slides

Work Life Balance

Download the presentation slides to guide a group discussion to better understand how balance impacts your team and collaborate on an action plan to promote and protect this in your workplace.

Participant handout

Video (Work Life Balance)

You can share the handout digitally or download and print them off.

Each of the psychosocial factors identified in Guarding Minds at Work and the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace have similar resources that can be found here.