For the majority of us, having a job is a necessity of life. Much of our time is spent at work or travelling to it, or thinking about it, or working from home. There are many things we can do to make our work more enjoyable, from quiet music, to comfortable chairs, to adequate lighting. But what happens when the real stress is your boss and not your work environment or the job itself?

Some bosses may run hot and cold. Their inconsistent behaviour means you never know if they will have an angry outburst or act like you are their new best friend. In these cases, avoid arguing or debating with your boss. Simply ask what they want and how they want it done, and get it in writing, if possible.

Other bosses may act arrogant or condescending. Ironically, this behaviour can be a sign of insecurity. In these cases, flattering the boss or asking their opinion may make them more receptive to listening your requests or ideas.

My boss is stressing me out can provide more insight on dealing with a difficult boss. We know that bosses are just people too. They will have their own personalities, challenges and bad days. Learning to work more effectively with a wide variety of personalities can reduce your stress.