Our mental and emotional wellbeing can be tested at any time. Significant life stressors like family breakdown, being a caregiver, domestic abuse, or even financial problems can take a toll on our health.

Financial, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing can all be interconnected. If any one of these areas becomes impacted the others may also suffer. When we are doing well, thinking about resources that can help us in times of potential need is rarely a priority. However, in times of crisis or distress we may lack the energy or focus to search out effective resources or help that we or a loved one needs.

When life is relatively calm is the best time to become familiar with the resources available. The Centre staff have researched hundreds of resources for you and highlight only those we found to be reputable, helpful, and practical. We invite you to check out Significant Life Stressors and Approaches to Wellness for a list of resources for personal, family, and health stressors. Whether you are currently in need or just want to know what's available before you need it, you can count on us to have put our energy and focus into helping you narrow down credible resources.