Managing Mental Health Matters

SUMMARY: Managing Mental Health Matters (MMHM) is a "first of its kind" program focused on helping managers, supervisors and other leaders learn how to effectively recognize and manage mental health related issues in the workplace.

Managing Mental Health Matters uses a story-based approach, portraying realistic video episodes of workplace "characters" dealing with situations common to everyday work life. The user engages in the process, rather than simply being given information.

These interactive story-based scenarios enable users to participate in the process of a new manager's introduction to his first week of his new position, learning the principles and practicalities of effectively managing issues related to employee mental health in the workplace. The user has the power to direct the manager through different scenarios, experiencing the challenges and successes in managing the situations that arise. This level of training is designed to not only provide the facts, but to change the way learners ultimately perform in their jobs and how they think about mental health in the workplace. Managing Mental Health Matters is complementary to the resources and information found on our home page, under Managing Workplace Issues.

MMHM addresses critical issues relevant to mental health in the workplace:

  • Managing with emotional intelligence
  • Need for reasonable accommodation
  • Performance management
  • Solution-focused resolution of worker conflict
  • Successful reintegration of returning workers
Video: Introduction
Introducing John
Introducing John


Meet John. He's just been promoted to manager. You'll be following him as he deals with mental health issues of the people who now report to him.

The key learning objectives for MMHM are to help:

  • Improve comfort in addressing mental health issues in the workplace.
  • Provide skills and strategies to approach a distressed employee.
  • Facilitate mutually agreed upon approaches.
  • Increase confidence in managing employees with mental health issues.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of mental health issues in the workplace.
  • Create reasonable accommodations when mental health is a factor.
  • Raise awareness of legal requirements related to the duty to accommodate.
  • Address performance concerns when mental health is a factor.
  • Resolve conflict effectively.
  • Manage a return to work successfully.

The program provides 'additional resources' and links to support users in their learning following the completion of the training. To help organizations integrate MMHM into their existing training programs, MMHM also includes a Leader's Guide to implementing Managing Mental Health Matters in Your Organization.

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