Managing Mental Health Matters Email Series

SUMMARY: These email templates help you communicate to staff who interact with other employees to assign each of the video modules and set up times to discuss what they have learned. You can use the templates as is or easily modify to meet your needs.

Awareness of Mental Health at Work

Download Email Templates

They can help you put Managing Mental Health Matters on the calendars of your management team. Choose from email templates that provide:

  • An introduction to each module that you can forward to your management team.
  • Guidelines to help your team members complete each module online at their convenience.
  • An invitation to discuss what participants learned and how to apply it in your organization.
  • A sustainable, no-cost approach to support the development of your front line managers and supervisors can make your work easier.
  • A plan of action to help improve and address workplace issues more effectively.
  • A step-by-step approach to increase management education and awareness of workplace mental health issues, all while saving you time and effort.

Download the email templates; then review or modify as you wish and forward to your managers. Just click the boxes beside the email template groups that interest you below.

While we recommend you begin with the Introduction program module, you can choose whichever Managing Mental Health Matters module is most valuable to your team and start from there.

With this training program, you can forward the emails with the rest of the resource available online, anytime, at no cost. Your management team can complete the module whenever they have Internet access. If time is tight, you can assign the modules and know that you will be providing quality learning opportunities. With even an hour each calendar quarter, you can use the Leader's Guide for Managing Mental Health Matters to facilitate a discussion about what was learned.