SUMMARY: Links to credible organizations that provide questionnaires, information and tools to assist in self-assessment of mental health or addiction concerns. These do not provide a diagnosis, but can help you explore if further assessment would be beneficial.

The assessments found below are intended to help you reflect on what you may be feeling or experiencing now so you can determine if further assessment is necessary.

These assessment tools have been provided for information only. The information contained in these resources does not constitute and should not be relied on as professional advice. Always consult your physician or appropriate health-care provider with respect to your particular circumstances.

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This online mental health check-up can help identify some symptoms of common mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

Website (Check Up From the Neck Up)

  • Mental Health Meter
    A quiz to help you reflect on your unique strengths, and identify areas where your level of mental fitness could be improved to help you cope with life's up and downs.
  • Work-Life Balance Quiz
    A quiz to see if you are in balance with work and life outside of work.
Website (Canadian Mental Health Association)

Offers free, non-judgmental resources to help create understanding around alcohol use with tools and support to make changes. The Check Your Drinking survey provides detailed, personalized feedback. The full program includes goal-oriented dynamic modules, as well as a moderated support network.

Website (Alcohol Help Center)

Saying When (English only)

This is a free downloadable iTunes app developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health that helps you quickly identify your patterns and triggers around alcohol, and develop your own immediate doable goals to change your alcohol consumption.

Saying When

The following documents were developed by Mental Health Works and Moods Disorders as part of the resource Working Through It. These checklists may be helpful in considering your current state of well-being.

  • What Are You Feeling?
    A supplementary reference to help identify the most common signs and symptoms of mood disorders.
  • What's Going On?
    Questions you can ask yourself to help you get a picture of what's going on with you.
Website (Working Through It)

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