Resilience is the capacity to adapt or recover in the face of adversity. And adversity, including disappointment, loss, frustration, illness - is part of life. Resilience doesn't mean that we will never experience stress, it means that we have the right tools to handle it.

Resilience means different things to different people, but everyone can benefit from identifying their stressors and discovering their strengths. If we know our strengths, we can also use them on purpose during challenging times, simply because they are easier to leverage than our weaknesses.

Plan for Resilience is a resource specifically designed to help you develop a plan to get through difficult times. From recognizing your automatic physical, behavioural, and emotional responses to stressors, you can choose from a variety of healthier strategies to help you cope and bounce back.

Creating a plan may not help us avoid the challenges of life, but can make it much easier to get through them.