Crisis planning

If you are currently in crisis, or believe you may harm yourself or someone else, call 911 or your local emergency response service. If you need urgent medical or psychiatric attention, go to the nearest emergency hospital now.

Planning ahead

Distress lines and mobile crisis units

Find the local numbers for these services and keep them handy for yourself or others in need.

  • Distress or crisis phone lines are open 24-hours-a-day if you need to talk to someone. They offer free, anonymous telephone contact with people who have been trained to help during times of emotional crisis, offering assistance and information.
  • Mobile crisis units may provide help over the phone or at a person's home. A crisis worker will assess the situation and help to deal with the present crisis.

Creating a written crisis plan

Sometimes in spite of doing everything we can to take care of ourselves, we will still experience crisis. Together with your doctor, therapist, family, friends and other supportive people, you can plan ahead, just in case you experience crisis. Here is a form you can use to build a written plan, just in case you need it.

Crisis Plan for

My wishes for medication and treatment
Significant history that people should know if I am in crisis, e.g. trauma, addiction, physical illnesses
What has worked well for me in the past
Things that have not worked well in the past
List of support people with contact information
Other people to contact to tell that I am not home, if necessary
Caring for children or other dependents

- who will care for them

- when someone explains the situation to my children or other dependents, this is what I would like them to be told
Needs that are special to me, e.g. diet, religion, allergies
Things to remind me of when I am in crisis: things that matter to me, things that I value, my strengths, my worth, my contribution
Other information or comments

For more information and crisis response contact information go to

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