Potentially harmful coping strategies

It is natural to want to reduce physical and emotional pain and fill up voids in our lives. It is possible to do this through relationships, work, recreation, exercise, alcohol, drugs, internet use or gambling. Any of these coping strategies can develop into addictions.

If your behaviors are causing problems in your life, at your work, or in your relationships, it may be necessary to consider other options.

Simply stopping addictive behaviours that are serving a purpose of reducing pain or filling voids is difficult. What many people need is to replace these harmful coping strategies with more healthy choices that serve the same purpose.

Always ensure that your behaviours are within your employer's policies or rules so that your job will not be at risk. This may involve the use of substances, fitness to work, internet use, use of company expense accounts, etc.

For more information on changing the way you cope, go to: www.mooddisorders.ca

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