Things to consider before disclosing

Disclosure means sharing information about an illness or condition.

There are things to consider before disclosing at work:

Think about policies at your workplace

Does your workplace have a workplace accommodation policy?
Does your workplace have a diversity policy?

Think about your relationship with your manager

Would you describe your relationship with your manager as supportive and respectful?
If your manager were to change, what are the chances the relationship with your new manager would also be supportive and respectful?

Think about your workplace culture

Are differences among individuals respected and celebrated?
Are people with disabilities respected and fully included?
How are people who have a mental illness or addiction talked about? Are jokes made that make fun of people who have a mental illness or addiction?
Do you know of anyone at work who has disclosed? How were they treated by co-workers and management?

Think about your own needs

Would keeping this a secret be a burden to you?
Would sharing this be a relief for you?
Do you feel comfortable talking about your situation?

Share knowledge.

Support a mentally healthy workplace within your team!

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The contents of these resources are offered for information purposes only. Every situation is different and you should consider your own circumstances before making decisions about employment and treatment options. These resources are not intended to offer legal, medical or other professional advice and should not be relied on as such.

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