Income sources if you are unable to work

There may come a time when your symptoms prevent you from being able to perform the duties of your job.

This can be very upsetting for a number of reasons:

  • Fear of losing your job
  • Decrease in self-confidence and abilities
  • Concern about how to manage financially if you are unable to work

Managing finances is stressful for most people at the best of times. When you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you may want to ask someone you trust for assistance in looking into financial resources and options.

If you have disability insurance coverage through your employer, you may qualify for disability benefits. Claiming Group Disability Benefits

Workers compensation benefits: You may qualify for Loss of Earning benefits if you have suffered significant psychological and/or emotional distress as a consequence of a traumatic accident or event in the workplace, and your employer is registered with a workers compensation plan. To find out further information about your province's workers compensation program, see

Government sponsored benefits

  • Employment Insurance (EI): These benefits are paid under the federal employment insurance program, for people who are unable to work because of sickness, injury, or quarantine.
  • Canada Pension Plan disability benefits (CPP): These benefits are paid by the federal government to people who qualify, if their illness is severe and prolonged.
  • Social Assistance/Welfare: These benefits are paid by the municipal government to provide financial and employment assistance to people in temporary financial need.
  • Provincial Disability Support Program: These benefits are paid by the municipal government to provide financial help for people with disabilities to help pay for living expenses, like food and housing.

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