Are you starting a new job or role?

There can be stress and challenges that come with starting a new job. But with our microlearning module, New job or role – it will only take about 10 minutes for you to learn strategies that can help set you up for success, beginning on your first day.

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Approaching change to support positive mental health

Most people struggle with change to some degree. You can manage change in a way that makes it easier for employees to maintain a healthy mindset.

Change management strategies

Stress less in the face of change and uncertainty

Change is one of the most common sources of stress. The good news? You can learn to better anticipate, adapt to, and accept change.

Cope with change

Want to inspire innovative thinking?

Take this 5-minute e-learning module to learn how you can have a constructive dialogue with employees about opinions and ideas that may initially seem undoable, unreasonable or difficult to implement.

Stay open to new ideas

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More than one fifth (22%) of respondents say they’ve been exposed to trauma at work

In partnership with Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC), we’ve released a new report, Trauma and Stress in the Workplace. It looks at the causes of trauma, how this impacts employees and insight on which sectors are most affected.

Check out the full report today

Add our new public webinar to your calendar!

You’re officially invited to our upcoming webinar on addiction, mental illness and work. On May 7 at 1 p.m. ET, join Mary Ann Baynton and three unforgettable panelists who want to share their stories and provide helpful strategies

Add this event to your calendar and learn more about the panelists

The Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards are back! Apply today.

These awards aim to recognize the positive and outstanding initiatives that organizations have made to enhance the well-being of their employees and work environments. We’re proud to be the hallmark sponsor for these awards again this year. This is another way that we support psychological health and safety at work. 

Apply today and learn more about eligibility by visiting the CPPA’s website