Are you experiencing tension with your manager?

A stressful boss can add even more to your plate. Learn to address the tension and build a healthier working relationship in our new microlearning module, Dealing with a stressful boss – it takes only 10 minutes!

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Learn how to better respond to the emotions of others

Building emotional intelligence helps us “play well with others.” Learn strategies to help you understand and respond to others’ emotions and reactions in helpful ways (and without judgment).

Get people-smart…

Want to support newcomer employees to do and be their best?

Gain an understanding of the experience of newcomer employees along with strategies to help them do and be their best at work, and in life. Bonus: you may find many of these strategies work for all your employees!

Support all my employees

Subtle actions and words can hurt

Do this 10-minute team-building activity to learn what microaggressions are and how you can avoid them.

Stop microaggressions

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Are you a caregiver for someone with Dementia?

There’s a new course for you - IncludeMe™. The course is considered a starting point for caregivers and can help prepare you to face the responsibilities of taking care of someone with Dementia. The course is free until March 31, 2024. 

Learn more about it and access the course here

More than one fifth (22%) of respondents say they’ve been exposed to trauma at work

In partnership with Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC), we’ve released a new report, Trauma and Stress in the Workplace. It looks at the causes of trauma, how this impacts employees and insight on which sectors are most affected.


Check out the full report today

The National Standard is turning 11!

Help us celebrate by starting or continuing your journey to a psychologically safer workplace  Take today to explore our website and find resources, workshops or assessments that may help you achieve your goals  

For more information visit our resource Implementing the Standard