SUMMARY: These resources and manuals build on the free Managing Mental Health Matters video modules. Trainers and external consultants can use them at no cost to help develop sessions related to managing mental health issues in the workplace.

Whether you are a small business owner, corporate trainer, independent consultant or team leader, you can access these resources at no cost to help you provide quality training and learning experiences for your employees or clients.

To facilitate Managing Mental Health Matters training on conflict resolution, return to work planning, accommodation, performance management or managing emotions, you do not need to be an expert in mental health. You should, however, have some competence as a facilitator and experience in dealing with issues related to managing employees.

Yes these resources really are free. Find out more.

  • Leader's Guide [PDF] When assigning Managing Mental Health Matters videos for training, this guide can help you facilitate discussions on how this knowledge should be applied in your organization.
  • Email Series Use these email templates to help communicate with participants throughout your training initiative. You can use each template as is or customize your own messages.
  • Facilitator's Guide [PDF] Use the workshop outlines to host interactive sessions related to the Managing Mental Health Matters online training material.