SUMMARY: Senior leaders are often concerned with sustainability, cost-effectiveness, risk management, and productivity. Psychological health and safety in the workplace impacts all of these.

Whether dealing with employees who have mental illnesses or addressing psychological health and safety in the workplace, these questions can help you review possible exposures to risk or potential for improvement.

To be sustainable, approaches to address psychological health and safety in the workplace need to consider impacts to human capital and the bottom line. Provided are facts and figures as well as a process to assess costs and risks.

The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace indicates that senior leaders have a role to play in promoting psychological health and preventing risks to psychological safety. This system provides a framework for workplace psychological health and safety that aligns with the Standard.

Martin Shain

Dr. Martin Shain

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Principal, Neighbour at Work and academic lawyer, said of the evolution of workplace mental health in Canada: “I think CEO understanding of the importance of mental health has been one of the most meteoric growths in the last 10 years."