SUMMARY: Psychological health and safety in the workplace impacts sustainability, cost-effectiveness, risk management, and productivity, which are concerns of most senior leaders.

Implement workplace psychological health and safety

The following resources provide systems and approaches to assist leaders throughout the process of promoting psychological health and preventing risks to psychological safety.

Implementing the entire Standard is an ideal approach, but there are many other options to make positive change. You can effectively begin improving psychological health and safety in your workplace even if you have limited resources and budget.
Get buy-in
Develop and communicate the assessment plan
Share results
Consider a range of appropriate actions
Suggested responses by factor
Plan for continual improvement

Facts and figures as well as a process to assess costs and risks are provided to help develop sustainable approaches to a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.
Considering the Costs
Identify Existing Initiatives
Union-Management Cooperation
Relevant Statistics

Assess leadership

Following are approaches for assessing and improving the skills of your leaders to help prevent psychological harm, promote psychological health of employees, and address problems related to psychological health and safety.

Assess skills related to psychological health and safety drawing on evidence showing that employees who work for psychologically safe leaders are more likely to report higher job satisfaction and engagement, better workplace relationships, and better psychological well-being.

Understand and address risks

Leaders can help reduce exposure to risks by expanding understanding and adopting policies and prevention approaches to address a range of issues related to workplace psychological health and safety.

Whether dealing with employees who have mental illnesses or addressing psychological health and safety in the workplace, these questions can help you review possible exposures to risk or potential for improvement.

Martin Shain

Dr. Martin Shain

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Principal, Neighbour at Work and academic lawyer, said of the evolution of workplace mental health in Canada: “I think CEO understanding of the importance of mental health has been one of the most meteoric growths in the last 10 years."