SUMMARY: As a small business owner, addressing psychological health and safety or employee mental health concerns may seem time consuming and outside your expertise or role. Not addressing these issues can have an impact on productivity and customer satisfaction. These resources will help you address these issues more effectively.

Address workplace issues

This is a good place to start. It provides a framework to identify issues and help you approach an employee who may be experiencing a mental health problem.

Once you have read Workplace Solutions, you can go on to additional information relevant to:
Return to Work
Supportive Performance Management
Resolving Conflict
Helping Employees Manage Change

Increase mental health awareness

Supporting employees with mental health issues can be stressful. The following information and strategies can help you respond and resolve issues more effectively.

This may be a good place to start for basic information about mental illnesses and approaches to wellness.

Sign up to receive free weekly emails that include links to a Working Through It video or document that can be forwarded to staff to increase mental health awareness.

A video-based resource featuring employees with mental health pressures talking about how they coped, and what they did to reclaim well-being.

Suggested wording to sensitively recommend Working Through It to someone who appears to be struggling with a mental health concern.

Improve psychological health and safety

The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace indicates that business owners have a responsibility in promoting psychological health and preventing risks to psychological safety.

Use this series of presentations to facilitate discussions related to improving psychological health and safety with your team.

Using break time to improve mental health can have a positive effect on wellness and productivity. TakeYourBreak provides a new idea each week. Encourage employees to do activities on their own or as part of a team.