SUMMARY: Supervisors have two primary levels of responsibility in relation to workplace mental health – providing a psychologically safe work environment and supportive management for all employees, including those who may be experiencing mental health concerns. This can include accommodation, return to work and resolution of any workplace issues.

Promote a psychologically safe workplace

A psychologically safe workplace is often dependent on effective leadership. Use these resources to help increase your effectiveness.

Use this series of presentations to facilitate discussions related to improving psychological health and safety with your team.

Emotional Intelligence

Dealing with stressed out, angry or emotional employees can be challenging whether you are a manager, union representative or co-worker. Emotional intelligence can help reduce stress while positively impacting well-being and effectiveness.

Understand your current level of emotional intelligence.

Improve emotional intelligence related to leading, managing or supporting employees.

Activities for improving the ability of team members to respond more effectively to stressors and workplace issues, resolve issues, and support each other through challenging times.

Improve your ability to manage your own stress and respond more effectively to others in the workplace.

Manage employees with mental illness

Supporting employees with mental health issues can be stressful. The following information and strategies can help.

Increase your ability to identify and respond to mental illness

Referring Employees to Working Through It

Suggested wording for you to sensitively refer employees who appear to be struggling with a mental health concern to Working Through It.

This is a good place to start. It provides a framework to identify issues and help you approach an employee who may be experiencing a mental health problem.

Once you have read Workplace Solutions, you can go on to additional information relevant to:
Return to Work
Supportive Performance Management
Resolving Conflict
Helping Employees Manage Change

A tool to plan accommodation and support employees with mental health related concerns to help them remain productive while at work.

Use this problem-solving online tool to help identify and address the source of stress in your life or refer it to others who may be struggling.

A video-based resource featuring employees with mental health pressures talking about how they coped and what they did to reclaim well-being.

Sign up to receive free weekly emails that include links to a Working Through It video or document that can be forwarded to staff to increase mental health awareness.

Address workplace issues

The following sections can help you respond to some of the more challenging workplace issues.

While grief is a natural human response to loss, mental health issues can arise. Effective support can help employees who are experiencing loss remain productive while they heal.

An effective workplace response to a suicide attempt or a death by suicide includes addressing the impact on co-workers.

Help reduce the potential of impairment and the negative impact of addiction on employees, co-workers and workplaces.

Taking pro-active steps for prevention can help reduce the impact of burnout on employees and workplaces.

Help someone who may be experiencing more serious mental illness.