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Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

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  • 09/2017
    The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada: Toward a standard for psychological health and safety
  • 02/2017
    Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada: Research Report (2007-2017)
    Summary Report      Full Report      Infographic

    Please note that, while this report includes an extensive investigation and overview of factors that have contributed to the evolution of workplace mental health from 2007-2017, the evolutionary factors discussed in this report were identified as a result of a combination of national survey data and interviews with experts in the area of workplace mental health. We appreciate and acknowledge there are myriad individuals, agencies, and initiatives that have positively contributed to the present state of the workplace mental health landscape in Canada, but, by way of research design, may not be mentioned or highlighted in this report.
  • 02/2017
    Ipsos Psychological Health and Safety 2016: Survey
    Factum      Presentation      Infographic

Please contact the Centre for copies of any of the following Ipsos surveys:

  • Psychological health and safety at work (2012)
  • Emotional intelligence at work (2012)
  • Depression at work (2012)
  • Psychosocial risks in Canadian workplaces (2009)
  • Depression at work (2007)