Practical approaches for protecting the psychological health and safety of employees includes effective policies and prevention strategies that eliminate or mitigate risks.

Developing and communicating clear policies, and providing training for staff may help prevent behaviours related to addiction or substance abuse from escalating into a workplace crisis. Learn More

A bereavement leave policy that is understood by all employees before a loss occurs can help to reduce the stress of uncertainty for both the manager and the bereaved employee. Learn More

Building emotional intelligence can provide multiple benefits especially among those whose roles include managing, supporting or leading employees. Learn More

Eliminating stigma while increasing mental health awareness can support people to seek help sooner, recover faster and maintain productivity. Learn More

Unaddressed aggression or unresolved conflicts among co-workers have the potential to escalate into a crisis in the workplace. Learn More

Being able to recognize and respond to indications that someone is thinking of suicide may help avert a death by suicide. Learn More

Having effective and enforceable policies in place can be a first step to preventing violence in workplaces. Learn More

Organizations can help prepare leaders and employees to respond to potentially traumatic incidents to help reduce the resulting negative effect on psychological health and safety. Learn More