SUMMARY: A 3-year national research study has been undertaken by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to determine how Canadian employers are using the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Results will help identify promising practices, formulate programs, and develop educational tools and processes to help more organizations adopt the Standard and to promote mentally healthy workplaces overall.

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Suicide prevention and response: The employer's role

February 2015

Sadly, despite the best efforts of others, suicide cannot always be prevented. However, awareness of factors that may increase the risk of suicide could help avert a loss.

Effective communication helps pave the way for psychological health and safety initiatives

February 2015

Employees at all levels of an organization are more likely to be committed to a new psychological health and safety initiative if they understand what's in it for them. At the outset, this includes addressing fears about any potential changes or additional work or effort that will be required.