SUMMARY: Security and Safety involves supporting a safe environment through proactive, prompt and effective responses to any threats to psychological or physical safety.

Why this matters:

There are many benefits to having a focus on security and safety in the workplace such as:

  • Risk of critical incidents is reduced
  • Stress related absences and injuries are prevented
  • There is improved loyalty and retention
  • Trust in your leadership increases

Suggested actions and resources by statement:

1. “I ensure the mental and emotional effort required by my employees to do their work is reasonable.”

2. “I require employees to take their entitled breaks and time off (e.g., lunchtime, breaks, vacation time).”

3. “My employees know that I support and encourage them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

4. “When an employee expresses a conflict between work and personal demands, they trust me to support them in finding an effective solution.”

5. “I model a healthy work-life balance in what I say and do.”

6. “I respond in an effective and timely manner to any potential risks to employee psychological safety.”

7. “I effectively support employees during times of crisis at work.”

8. “I recognize and address the psychological impact of workplace bullying, harassment, or unresolved conflict on workers.”

9. “I effectively address and resolve situations that may threaten or harm employee psychological health or safety (e.g., harassment, discrimination, violence).”

10. “I respond promptly and appropriately to a worker raising a concern about physical safety.”

11. “I recognize and address the psychological impact of illnesses, accidents, or injuries on workers.”

12. “My employees feel comfortable speaking up about risks to their psychological safety at work.”