Team development

Teams can face issues, such as conflict, bullying, high demands or low control. By increasing the ability to anticipate challenges, resolve conflicts and sustain a supportive team environment, we can increase our ability to withstand these issues. Learn more about  Resilience for teams.

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Leveraging team wisdom workshop

Help your team members connect with each other practically and effectively, work together to address obstacles and learn from each other. Learn more about Building stronger teams.

Psychologically safe interactions workshop

Prevent bullying and increase psychological health and safety by improving awareness of how workplace behaviours may be interpreted as harmful, even when that isn’t our intention. Learn more about the Psychologically safe interactions workshop.

Building stronger teams

A downloadable workbook of team-building activities to strengthen leadership skills and build team resilience. Learn more about Building stronger teams.

Strengthening leadership skills

This booklet of activities can help you build leadership skills, including emotional intelligence, resilience and communication strategies. Learn more about Strengthening leadership skills.

Virtual scavenger hunt

This virtual scavenger hunt is a fun team activity you can use if you and your team are working from home or are in different locations. Give it a try for a light-hearted break in your day.

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Word scramble

Here's a short activity to help you find tools and strategies that support employee success. Activites are more fun with others so pull together your team virtually or in person and see who can finish the word scramble first.

Check out many more Team building activities.

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