Evidence-based actions for psychological and social support

These actions and responses can be implemented with a minimal investment of resources or cost to the organization.

You can access our free workshop materials to engage your team in a discussion about any of the psychosocial factors.

Reduce stigma in the workplace.  

Improve mental health awareness for all employees. 

  • Offer mental health education during Mental Health Week in May and Mental Illness Awareness Week in October.   
  • Consider subscribing to the free Mental health awareness weekly emails. Forward them to employees and discuss them at team meetings to encourage conversations about positive mental health. 
  • Build resilience and reduce stress through team activities. Building stronger teams has many easy and effective ways to improve the way your team works together. 
    • Incorporate mindful practices in day-to-day work, such as gratitude moments, meditation before meetings and expressing appreciation. Healthy break activities has some helpful ideas. 
  • Help employees develop personal coping strategies to improve how they respond to stressors. Resilience is a tool that can help. 

Provide effective support for employees with mental health issues. 

Share the services and benefits available in your organization, community and online with all employees.  

  • Use the Mental health resource list tool within Identifying employee issues for leaders to help create an inventory. The leader can use this list to explain to their team what’s available to them.  
  • If you have an employee and family assistance program or benefit provider, invite them to present to all employees. Most will do this at no cost. 
  • Train leaders to Refer employees to relevant and available resources. This can also help leaders set appropriate boundaries for: 
    • Resolving workplace issues 
    • Supporting work success  
    • Referring to other experts for personal, health, family or financial stressors 
  • Share community or online resources to help with psychological health concerns, such as those shared in Health resourcesand Personal growth

Consider Peer support programs that allow trained employees to assist colleagues.  

  • Effective peer supporters have similar experiences in both life and work. 
  • Assign mentors to new employees so that they have someone to go to for support in addition to their leader. 

Additional actions and resources  

Review Psychological health and safety policy recommendations to see where you can improve psychological health and safety. Include best practices for protecting employee psychological safety in your policies and procedures. 

Adapted from Guarding Minds at Work ™