Guarding Minds – Indicators of workplace stress or trauma

Select statements from the Guarding Minds at Work employee survey were identified by the researchers as potential indicators of the level of stress and trauma at work.

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The statements below come from the Guarding Minds at Work1 employee survey. They were selected by researchers as indicators of the extent to which employees feel stressed or traumatized in your organization.

In an organization where workplace stress and trauma are less likely to be a psychosocial risk, employees might say:

  • I do not feel burned out in my job. 
  • My workplace effectively handles conflict among employees. 
  • My workplace has effective ways of addressing inappropriate behaviour from the people we serve. 
  • Difficult situations at work are addressed effectively.
  • When physical risks are identified, my employer responds effectively. 
  • When psychological risks are identified, my employer responds effectively.
  • I am provided with the necessary training to perform my job well. 
  • People in my organization are held accountable for their actions. 
  • People at work understand the importance of protecting employee physical safety.
  • I have what I need to do my job safely.
  • People in my workplace understand the importance of protecting employee psychological safety. 
  • My employer helps employees cope with workplace stress. 
  • Management appointments consider the “people skills” necessary for specific positions. 
  • My work does not threaten my psychological health. 
  • I am able to do my job in a way that aligns with my values. 
  • My homelife does not suffer because of my work.
  • It is safe to speak up at work.
  • I have sufficient time to complete my work. 
  • Deadlines are reasonable.
  • I feel my job is secure.

See Trauma in organizations and Employee stress prevention process for specific strategies that can help you identify, prevent and address stress and trauma in your organization.

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