Identifying existing workplace initiatives

Strengthen and build on existing initiatives to improve psychological health and safety in the workplace. Identify existing policies, programs, procedures and opportunities for improvement.

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  • Identify existing initiatives that may have an impact on psychological health and safety in the workplace. Record relevant service providers, facilitators and workplace stakeholders. These initiatives may include:
    • Employee feedback
    • Employee engagement surveys
    • Training on emotional intelligence
    • Management training
    • Communication skills training
    • Team building approaches
    • Conflict resolution approaches
    • Mental health and wellness initiatives
    • Mental health resources
    • A code of conduct or code of ethics
    • Policies and procedures for civility or respect
    • Diversity and inclusion policies
    • Work-life balance policies
    • Internal communication strategies
    • Recognition and rewards systems
    • Opportunities for growth and development
    • Psychological job demand assessments
    • Critical incident responses
    • Employee assistance program and other benefits 
  • Recognize efforts that have gone into creating and maintaining existing initiatives to motivate ongoing commitment. 
  • Consider using the free Sample audit tool from the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety that can be used to highlight what might be needed for your organization to meet the requirements of the Standard. (Note: Save the PDF on your computer before you fill in the form to retain the information you enter.)  
  • Continue successful initiatives
  • Identify any gaps in existing approaches to help inform planning for new initiatives.
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