Mental health policies and programs

Accommodation, return to work, EAP, stigma, suicide prevention and peer support strategies for organizations.

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Each of the following can help inform policies and programs related to employees with mental illness or mental health issues. 

Accommodation and return to work policies

Strategies for frontline supervisors and managers to better respond to employees returning to work or requiring accommodation, especially when mental health is a factor.

Discrimination prevention and inclusion

Address discrimination and promote inclusivity through your policies and processes. This creates a positive environment and supports all employees to thrive and succeed.

Employee assistance programs and mental health issues

Optimize your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to respond to mental health-related issues. 

Employee stress prevention process

Understand how chronic mental stress is defined and how to recognize hazards. This tool provides strategies for reducing risk to protect both employers and employees.

Compare your accommodation policies and procedures to relevant human rights legislation.

Peer support program

Develop a peer support program as part of a psychologically safe workplace. Learn strategies from experts in the field to enhance your success in this area.

Protecting the mental health of isolated workers

Learn strategies you can put in place to protect the mental health of isolated workers.

Psychological health and safety policy recommendations

This framework provides policy recommendations for potential impacts on psychological health and safety. It covers policy, planning, implementation, evaluation and review.

Psychologically safe team assessment

This resource helps to assess how employees experience being a member of your team.  

Stigma reduction plan

How to identify and address potential discrimination and promote inclusivity. Engage your workforce to support psychological safety for all.

Suicide prevention

How to identify and respond to indications of suicidal behaviour. Evidence-based strategies to inform your policies and procedures.

In Organisational strategies, there are more practical approaches to addressing issues such as violence, bereavement, harassment, impairment, indigenous engagement, culture, suicide, trauma and more.

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