Movement to help reduce anxiety

Being mindful while moving can help reduce feelings of anxiety by taking your attention away from stressful thoughts.

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Paying attention to your body’s sensations and what is happening in your surroundings can keep you in the present moment. This can help reduce feelings of anxiety by taking your attention away from stressful thoughts. The following audio selections will walk you through how to practice being mindful while you are out doing physical activity.

The videos are 1-10 minutes in length. Choose one of the clips you are interested in or are most comfortable with, to focus on for each of your activities. You can try the other audio clips when you feel ready to do so.

Note that often people will keep their head down while thinking, even when they are moving. It is important to keep your mind free of any unnecessary thoughts, keep your chin lifted, and keep eyes looking forward towards your surroundings. The following activities will include prompts to help remind you to do this.


Seated variations


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