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We want to make it easier for you to share our free resources on your website or in your e-newsletters. Below are some options that already have the links embedded for you. Some descriptions are directed at employees or the general public, while others are intended for supervisors, managers, or leaders. 

Please don’t hesitate to include our logo and change the link to whichever of our resources you feel is most relevant for your audience. 

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Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, compliments of Canada Life.

Employee resources 

Resources for employees ( 

Free resources, tools, videos and articles that can help you manage stressors at work and in your personal life. 


Support your colleagues by protecting their mental health at work. Whether you’re a people leader, executive, HR professional or employee, there’s something for everyone. Available to anyone at no cost. 

Leader resources 

Approaches for people leaders ( 

Practical tools and resources to help you support employees. Topics include performance, conflict, burnout, workplace mental health and much more. All are available at no cost. 


Workplace Strategies for Mental Health offers assessments, tools and workshop resources to support positive workplace mental health and psychological safety. Resources include organizational strategies, approaches for people leaders and resources for employees. All are available to anyone at no cost. 

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