Stress strategies tool

Free online tool by Psychological Foundation of Canada for practical problem-solving to address the source of your stress.

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Solve the problem that is causing stress

Often, stress is related to a potentially solvable problem. Stress strategies was developed by The Psychology Foundation of Canada and supported by Workplace Strategies for Mental Health. It is aimed at helping adults better manage the stress in their lives by zeroing in on the problems that are causing their stress and identifying and evaluating possible solutions.

Use the tool yourself or refer it to others, including employees or co-workers that you support that may be struggling.

Stress Strategies:

  • Looks at a variety of research-backed stress management strategies
  • Provides real life examples of how people used these strategies to manage their stress more effectively
  • Guides you through a series of problem-solving questions that will help you figure out how to make these strategies work in your life.

For more information on stress, see Managing stress.

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