Team activity — Acknowledge our accomplishments

A team building activity to help acknowledge team accomplishments. Have employees share a success for a quick sharing activity.

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Time required

About 15-20 minutes, depending on group size.


Often leaders aren’t aware of the “wins” or “successes” of their employees on a day-to-day basis. Having employees record something they’re proud of accomplishing at work can be a very effective team building activity. 

You could ask employees to do this for themselves daily so they’re ready to share at team meetings or one-on-one meetings with you. What this does is shift focus from what might not have gone well to recognizing effort and accomplishments each day. 

Suggested wording 

Take a moment and record one positive contribution or accomplishment you made in the past week at work. 

It can be something big or small. Recognize that some weeks, when you’re going through a significant life stressor or a challenging project at work, just showing up to a meeting or getting to work on time could be considered your accomplishment. At other times, your contribution could be helping a co-worker or providing excellent customer service. 

[Use examples that are relevant to your team.] 

Once you have had a moment to record, we’ll have each person share one of their accomplishments.

[Be sure to acknowledge each person’s contribution as they share. When everyone is done, wrap-up.] 

Thank you for sharing your contributions and accomplishments, it’s important to understand that even on days that it seems like nothing is going right, we’re still making an effort. With all of us focusing on our own jobs, we may sometimes miss the efforts and accomplishments of others. This is why we want to share our accomplishments on a regular basis and recognize each other’s efforts.

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