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An activity to help recognize how something as simple as colouring can help relax both mind and body. 

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Time required

15 minutes 


For this activity each participant should have a printed copy of the colouring sheets found at If you are doing this virtually, you can add this link in the chat function. You will need enough crayons, markers, or pencil crayons for each table or if working virtually, let participants know beforehand to have these tools ready. 

Suggested wording 

This activity is another way to slow down your thought process and also relax both mind and body. It’s a way to invite free flowing creativity rather than critical thinking skills. 

When you were younger, you may have gotten into trouble for doodling in school. However, recent research shows that doodling can actually help you focus your attention even while you are listening. For some people, doodling allows for more creative thinking and more innovation.

In this activity, you’re actually being encouraged to doodle. It doesn’t matter if you have great art skills or not, colouring can be both soothing and invigorating. 

I would like you to take the time now to just have some fun. If you prefer to draw, choose a blank piece of paper and go for it. My only request is that you don’t stop colouring or drawing until time is up. You have 5 minutes. 

[After 5 minutes.] 

What I would like you to think about now, is where your mind was while you were colouring or drawing. Did you have racing thoughts? Were you able to work out challenges or ideas?

[Take up some answers for 2 minutes.] 

Like all of the break activities, some will be really effective for you and some will not be. Your goal is to identify a variety of ideas that work for you and choose those that are most relevant to you in the moment. 

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